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Dental Crowns in Aurora, Colorado

A Beautiful Smile Starts with Health

In order to achieve your best smile, we must start with healthy gums and teeth. We welcome you to visit Station Dental for your routine dental exams and cleanings, as those serve as the foundation for a beautiful smile. Once your oral health is in check, you can explore how to easily enhance your smile with teeth whitening or orthodontic care, and for greater smile transformation, we offer veneers and natural aesthetic crowns.

Offering the best care possible for you and your family is our number one priority!

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What are Dental Crowns and What are the Advantages?

At Station Dental, only the finest materials are used in our dental crowns, which are permanent coverings that fit over your natural tooth. Natural-looking, tooth-colored dental crowns are used to restore the damaged or decayed teeth, or for purely aesthetic reasons. 

The advantages of dental crowns are plentiful:

  • Support a tooth that has been damaged
  • Restore a tooth after a root canal
  • Hold a cracked or broken tooth together
  • Protect a worn tooth
  • Anchor a dental bridge
  • Add length or width to a misshapen tooth
  • Mask tooth discolorations
  • Cover a dental implant

Benefits of Dental Crowns

  • Station Dental offers same-day crowns to make getting your crown easy and convenient.
  • Dr. Miranda Hutchison is professionally trained and experienced in creating and applying dental crowns.
  • Station Dental has the most advanced dental crown technology, ensuring safety, efficiency and success in your dental crown procedure.

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You May Need a Crown If…

  • Some of your teeth are decayed, and cannot support a filling
  • You have a tooth that is broken or severely worn down
  • You are missing one or more teeth
  • You have a dental implant you want to cover
  • You have had a root canal and need to preserve your tooth
  • You want to cosmetically restore your smile

Cost, Financing and Insurance

At Station Dental, most insurance plans are accepted. We will work with you to devise a treatment plan that fits within your financial needs. We are happy to assist with insurance in order to maximize your benefits and discuss financing options, such as CareCredit.

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Dental Crown Materials

During your first visit, Dr. Hutchison will prepare the tooth to be crowned by removing any decay in or around it and then sculpting the tooth so the dental crown fits perfectly.

An impression of your tooth is then taken using CAD/CAM technology. Digital imaging captures a picture of the damaged tooth or teeth and the optical impression is transferred to the computer where Dr. Hutchison designs your new crown. The CAM technology designs your unique crown while you wait; the process takes approximately one hour. This advanced technology eliminates the need for multiple appointments.

For more information or to schedule your appointment, call 303.337.0047 today!

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